Part One: Hub Packaging’s easy SMART Audit – Spend Less to do More.

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In this challenging post-Brexit referendum world, keeping a wary eye on your packaging budget has never been more important. Here we identify some of the essential ways to strip cost by being SMART:


Also known as Pallet Wrap or (even) Cling Film, Stretch Wrap is a great multi-purpose packaging product. Here are five key variants you should be aware of:

    As the name suggests, manual wrap is applied by hand rather than by machine, and the rolls are therefore smaller and easier to handle. They come in 500mm or 400mm wide rolls and vary in length, although Hub Packaging typically supplies 200 or 250m length rolls. Always ask for the price per metre as your point of comparison when looking at Hand Wrap, as it’s the best way to judge whether you are being offered a favourable price or not!
    Machine Wrap is applied to pallets via an automatic wrapping machine or turntable, and comes in two main varieties – Un-stretched, and Pre-StretchedUn-Stretched Machine Wrap is suitable for businesses with a machine that stretches it prior to application. These machines can stretch a roll of wrap by as much as 300% (although typically 200% is recommended). Un-Stretched product is not recommended where the load is easily crushed or is made up of part-filled cartons that may not withstand the loads applied by the stretching process or may be unstable in transit. These features can be offset by the use of Edge Boards and Top Sheet Covers to stabilise the pallet load. Pre-Stretched Machine Wrap has already been stretched by 200%, meaning users know exactly how much wrap they get from a roll. This is essential when costing packaging as part of overall profitability and pricing calculations.
    Cast wrap is used in the majority of manual applications. It is quiet coming off the roll and is easy to find the edge when starting a new wrap.
    This wrap is designed for applications where it needs to have a slightly adhesive quality on the inside surface. It is primarily used by companies wrapping product for storage in cold areas, and is a little noisier than Cast Wrap when dispensed.
    Hub Packaging supply wrap in numerous colours including clear, black, white, and blue. Clear is generally suitable for most applications, whereas black is ideal to ensure the contents of pallets remain anonymous.


Don’t forget to consider your wrap thickness!

Stretch Wrap is supplied in a range of thicknesses – measured in Microns (one thousandth of a millimetre). The reason for this is to ensure that you use just the right thickness for your application, thus saving money and helping the environment. Hub Packaging’s high quality Stretch Wraps come in micron thicknesses from 11mu to 30mu, but it must be remembered that the wrap’s micron rating does not necessarily equate to quality! For instance, Hub Packaging supply a 12mu Hand Wrap that performs as well as a 17mu wrap from some of our competitors!


In our next Blog – Part Two: A Closer Look at Manual Wrapping

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