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Perforated Pallet Wrap

When it comes to securing your palletised goods for transit, there’s one solution that stands out for its efficiency and performance – Perforated Pallet Wrap.

What is Perforated Pallet Wrap?

Our high-performance perforated pallet wrap offers exceptional product aeration while maintaining unparallel pallet strength and stability.

Perforated pallet wrap, also referred to as breathable, vented, or macro-perforated stretch film, serves as a specialised type of stretch film designed for pallet wrapping. Unlike conventional pallet wrap, our perforated version boasts unique perforations within the film itself.

These perforations allow air to circulate through the pallet of goods, ensuring that products remain in pristine condition both during production and transit.

During peak production periods, perforated pallet wrap becomes an invaluable tool in streamlining and accelerating your dispatch process. Traditionally, there may be a backlog of pallets awaiting temperature adjustment. However, perforated pallet wrap eliminates these wait times, boosting production capacity without necessitating substantial investments.

Moreover, these films can be manufactured with a minimum of 30% recycled content or more, tailoring their composition to your specific sustainability requirements.

The benefits of Perforated Pallet Wrap

What makes perforated pallet wrap so remarkable? Lets have a look at the benefits.

  1. Time-Saving – It’s always easy to find the start of the roll due to the ‘tails’. You can also eliminate the common practise of double wrapping in many industry sectors. Finally, the enhanced strength reduces the amount of time spent wrapping as less film is applied compared to conventional / solid films.
  2. Reduced Waste – Cut out double wrapping when allowing fresh produce to swear or cool or when blast freezing goods after processing before storage and despatch. You can also reduce the amount of single use plastic as the weight per metre of perforated film is less than solid films.
  3. Sustainability – Efficiency isn’t just about speed; it’s also about sustainability. With less material waste and improved wrapping precision, perforated pallet wrap is an eco-friendly choice for your packaging needs.
  4. Enhanced Durability – Don’t let the pre-cut convenience fool you – perforated pallet wrap is strong and durable. It provides the same level of protection and stability as a traditional wrap, ensuring your goods reach their destination in perfect condition.
  5. Elimination of condensation – Removes moisture build-up, which can damage your products, packaging, and reputation.

In Which Industries is Perforated Pallet Wrap Commonly Utilised?

Perforated pallet wrap finds its applications in various industries:

Food Production – Employed to wrap freshly produced, warm goods directly from the assembly line, effectively eliminating extended waiting times and the need for re-wrapping.

Horticulture – Widely used in the horticultural sector to facilitate easy plant watering while they are wrapped. Additionally, it helps eliminate excess humidity, which can otherwise result in damage to the plants.

Beverage Production – A preferred choice in beverage production, where it aids in reducing cooling durations and mitigates the risk of condensation, particularly for glass bottles.

Manufacturing – Employed in manufacturing settings to disperse harmful chemicals, fumes, and gases, thereby expediting both the production and dispatch processes.

Fresh Produce – In the fresh produce industry, perforated pallet wrap is a go-to solution. It extends the shelf life of farmed goods and preserves their freshness, thereby reducing damage and the growth of mould.

Pharmaceuticals – In the pharmaceutical sector, it serves a unique purpose. The perforations on the film enable the sterilization of products without the necessity of re-wrapping pallets, ensuring product integrity and hygiene.

These industries rely on perforated pallet wrap for its versatility and capacity to address specific packaging and logistical challenges.

Hub Packaging’s Expertise – An Onsite Audit for You

At Hub Packaging, we go the extra mile to ensure you’re making the most of your packaging solutions. We offer an exclusive onsite audit service for your existing pallet wrap usage. Our team of experts will conduct a thorough evaluation of your current process, including materials used, time spent, and overall efficiency.

You’ll receive an audit report that compares your existing pallet wrap method with the advantages of perforated pallet wrap. We’ll provide you with tangible data on how this innovative solution can improve your packaging operations, save you time, reduce costs, and contribute to your sustainability goals.

Ready to Upgrade Your Pallet Wrapping?

Make the switch to perforated pallet wrap and experience the difference. Contact Hub Packaging today to schedule your onsite audit and receive an audit report tailored to your business that showcases how perforated pallet wrap can revolutionise your packaging process.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your packaging efficiency.

Contact us at +44 28 4175 4977 or to get started.

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