Eco-Tape – Why You Should Make the Switch

Sustainability should be at the fore of every business agenda. By aligning your business objectives in a sustainable manner, it offers an example to others & sets your company on the road to long-term success. Packaging can play a key role in acheiving your sustainability goals. The choice of packaging used to protect & ship …

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Packaging Market Update – March 2022


As we approach the end of Q1 2022, we want to take the opportunity to provide an update as to how we see the current packaging market. Like our previous January edition, this market update is designed to provide a brief overview of some of the current influences on materials and key product lines. Paper …

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Customised Packaging – 4 ways to improve the buyer experience

Customised Packaging

Many of our customers are continually trying to devise new ways of presenting their goods/products to maximise the impact upon arrival. The growth in e-commerce & evolution towards providing a better overall customer experience means businesses are now putting more focus on their packaging offering to ensure it aligns with other key elements of the …

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The role technology can play in automating your packaging process

Automation of Packaging Process

Technology continues to play an ever-increasing and important role in society. It touches every aspect of our daily lives, from shopping and banking to our choice of transport. The packaging sector is no different in this regard. The advancement of technology allows companies to implement processes that automate the packing process & increase output for …

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Packaging Market Update – January 2022

January Market Update

As we ease our way into January 2022, what’s becoming increasingly clear is the packaging sector is still typified by the upwards pressure on the cost of raw materials, availability of containers & shipping and labour shortages driven in part by COVID-19 and the current surge in cases from the Omicron variant. This market update …

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