Unleash Peak Season Efficiency with Our Cutting-Edge Packaging Machinery

As peak season fast approaches, businesses like yours are gearing up for the rush of orders, and we understand that efficiency is paramount. To tackle the increased demand with ease, why not consider our range of Packaging Machinery?

These innovative solutions are designed to revolutionise your packaging process, making it more efficient and streamlined than ever before.

Our latest blog provides an overview of the range of machines and tools designed to streamline the packaging process, making your business more efficient and ultimately, getting your product to the customers sooner.

Our range of packaging machinery includes:

Strapping Machines: Secure your packages swiftly and securely with our state-of-the-art strapping machines. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual strapping, and welcome consistent, high-strength bundling. These machines are designed and developed to offer the ultimate in performance in all industrial packaging operations. Combined with industry-leading levels of technical service and spares support, these machines are the most comprehensive, reliable and cost effective solution for strapping equipment requirements.

Water-Activated Tape Machines: Speed up your packaging process with tape machines that dispense and apply tape seamlessly. No more fumbling with rolls of tape, ensuring a professional and efficient finish. Our popular BP555 Water-Activated Tape Machine is the machine of choice for many businesses who require fast packing and sealing of boxes. With various pre-set lengths, the BP555 ensures minimal roll wastage and enhanced packing output – allowing you to get your orders to your customers quicker.

Cardboard Shredder: Efficiently recycle cardboard boxes and packaging materials with our shredders. Turn waste into useful packing material, reducing your environmental impact while saving on disposal costs. The Optimax OCS320 is a popular cardboard shredder that produces void fill or protective matting material from used cardboard packaging.

Pallet Wrap Machines: Wrapping pallets can be time-consuming, especially during peak season. Our pallet wrap machines can do the job quickly and consistently, ensuring the utmost stability for your shipments. With a variety of options depending on volume and requirments, our pallet wrap machines range from entry level semi-automatic which are simply ‘plug and play’, to high performance power pre-stretch and standard core turntable machines with fully variable programmes.

The Advantages Are Clear:

  • Speed: Save valuable time and meet tight deadlines with increased packaging speed.
  • Consistency: Ensure each package is flawlessly sealed or secured, eliminating human error.
  • Labour Efficiency: Reduce labour costs and reallocate your team to more strategic tasks.
  • Eco-Friendly: Embrace sustainable practices with cardboard recycling and water-activated tape.
  • Increased Capacity: Handle a higher volume of packages and meet rising demand with confidence.

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