Hub Packaging Unveil New Packaging Machinery Range

We are delighted to introduce our new range of packaging machinery, designed to transform your packaging process into a seamless and efficient operation.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual labour and hello to increased productivity and precision. Whether you’re a small business or a large-scale manufacturer, our new machine range is built to meet your packaging needs with unparalleled speed, reliability, and versatility.

Read our latest blog post below to find out more about each new machine in our range.

Strapping Solutions

Introducing our highly efficient semi-automatic strapping machine, a versatile solution designed to streamline your packaging and bundling operations. This cutting-edge machine combines the benefits of automation with the flexibility of manual control, offering a perfect balance between speed and ease of use.

The EXS-303C is an easy-to-operate semi-automatic strapping machine & is the perfect introduction to automated carton and consignment strapping.

Incorporating reliable, proven technology, the EXS-303C works with strap widths from 5mm to 15.5mm, allowing for adjustable tension control depending on the type of strapping being used.

Find out more about the EXS-303C here.

Key Features:

  • Precise Tension Control: Our semi-automatic strapping machine allows you to adjust the tension applied to the strap according to your specific needs. Achieve optimal bundling tightness to secure your packages without damaging the contents.
  • User-Friendly Operation: With its intuitive controls and ergonomic design, this machine is easy to operate, requiring minimal training. Simply place the package in the designated strapping area, position the strap, and activate the strapping process.
  • Versatile Strap Compatibility: Our machine accommodates various types of strapping materials, including plastic, polyester, or polypropylene straps. This versatility enables you to choose the most suitable strapping material for your specific packaging requirements.
  • Efficient Strap Dispensing: The strapping machine features a smooth and reliable strap dispensing mechanism that ensures the strap is fed seamlessly, reducing downtime, and enhancing productivity.
  • Quick and Secure Strapping: Experience fast and efficient strapping cycles with our machine. It efficiently tensions, seals, and cuts the strap, ensuring a tight and secure bundle every time. Increase your packaging throughput and meet demanding production schedules with ease.
  • Adjustable Strap Width and Length: Adapt the machine to accommodate different package sizes by easily adjusting the strap width and length. This flexibility allows you to handle a wide range of products, from small parcels to larger boxes or bundles.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand demanding industrial environments, our semi-automatic strapping machine boasts a robust construction and high-quality components. It is designed for longevity, ensuring reliable performance even in high-volume settings.
  • Safety Features: The machine incorporates safety features to protect operators during operation.

Automated Pallet Wrapping

The TMD-P26B pallet wrapping machine provides the perfect introduction to automatic stretch wrapping. Simple to operate, it offers all the features required to increase operational efficiency.

Find out more about the TMD-P26B here.

The advanced EXP-133 pallet stretch wrapping machine provides fast, fatigue-free stretch wrapping of pallet loads. Wrapping palletised loads securely, it provides peace of mind to logistics operations.

Find out more about the EXP-133 here.

The EXP-630-PLUS represents the next generation in pallet wrapping. With its advanced features and intelligent controls, our automated pallet wrapping machine offers unparalleled performance and versatility. It boasts a robust construction and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for various industries and pallet sizes.

Find out more about the EXP-630-PLUS here.

The TMD-P46P-PLUS provides the next step forward in automatic pallet wrapping. With increased output and an advanced touchscreen operation, the P46P-PLUS provides flexibility to suit your operation.

Find out more about the TMD-P46P-PLUS here.

Key Features of our pallet wrapping machines

  • Automated Wrapping Process: Say goodbye to the time-consuming and labour-intensive task of manual pallet wrapping. Our machines automate the entire process, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring consistent wrapping results every time.
  • Customisable Wrapping Parameters: Tailor the wrapping parameters according to your specific requirements. Adjust the wrapping tension, the number of revolutions, and film overlap to achieve the ideal load stability and minimise film wastage.
  • Precise Load Sensing Technology: Equipped with advanced load sensing technology, the machine detects the dimensions and weight of each pallet, optimising the wrapping process for optimal film usage and load stability. This feature ensures that the film is applied with the right tension and eliminates the risk of under or over-wrapping.
  • Film Carriage System: Our machine incorporates a reliable film carriage system that securely holds and dispenses the stretch film. The pre-stretch mechanism stretches the film while applying it to the pallet, maximising film yield and reducing material costs.
  • Safety Features: Safety is our top priority. The machine is equipped with safety sensors and emergency stop buttons to ensure a safe working environment. It also includes built-in safeguards to prevent accidents and protect operators from potential hazards.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The intuitive control panel makes operating the machine effortless. With simple settings and clear instructions, even operators with minimal training can efficiently operate the machine, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: By automating the pallet wrapping process, our machine significantly increases throughput and productivity. It frees up your workforce to focus on other critical tasks, enabling you to meet tight deadlines and improve overall operational efficiency.

Ambitious Growth Plans for Packaging Machinery

“We are thrilled to introduce our innovative new range of packaging machinery to the market,” says Andrew Ward, Managing Director of Hub Packaging.

“This launch is the culmination of months of hard work behind the scenes by our dedicated team to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers. With advanced features and unmatched performance, our machines set a new standard in the industry.”

We believe that this will empower our customers to enhance their efficiency, productivity, and overall operational success. We are excited to see the positive impact it will have on their businesses and look forward to supporting them on this exciting journey.”

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