Tapes – The Adhesive Solutions You Need

Welcome to Hub Packaging’s extensive range of Tapes, offering a diverse selection of adhesive solutions designed to meet your every packaging and labeling requirement.

Our comprehensive collection covers a wide spectrum of tape types, ensuring you have access to the right adhesive product for your specific needs.

Our Comprehensive Range Includes:

  • Acrylic Tape – Versatile and reliable, Acrylic Tape is perfect for securing packages and offers excellent clarity for labeling.
  • Warning Tape – High-visibility Warning Tape is essential for marking hazardous areas and ensuring workplace safety.
  • Floor Marking Tape – Designed for organizational efficiency and safety, Floor Marking Tape is ideal for creating pathways and designating specific areas within your facility.
  • Freezer Grade Tape – Specially engineered to withstand freezing temperatures, Freezer Grade Tape is perfect for securely sealing packages destined for cold storage.
  • Hotmelt Tape – Known for its quick adhesion and strength, Hotmelt Tape is a popular choice for high-volume packaging operations.
  • Kraft Tape – Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, Kraft Tape is perfect for sealing packages while aligning with sustainability goals.
  • PET Tape – With its exceptional strength and durability, PET Tape is suitable for heavy-duty applications and securing valuable items.
  • Vinyl Tape – Vinyl Tape offers excellent resistance to moisture and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Water Activated Tape – Known for its superior sealing capabilities, Water Activated Tape ensures packages remain securely sealed, making it a top choice for high-value items.

Why Choose Hub Packaging for your Tapes?

  • Quality Assurance – Our tapes and labels are built to meet the highest standards, ensuring they perform reliably under various conditions.
  • Variety – We offer a wide variety of tape types to cater to your specific packaging and labeling needs.
  • Expert Guidance – Our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in selecting the right tape or label for your unique requirements.

Choose Hub Packaging for your tape needs and experience the difference in performance, variety, and adhesive solutions tailored to your preferences.

For more information on our tape range, order online today or contact us via the below details.

📞 Call us: +44 28 4175 4977

📧 Email us: sales@hub-packaging.com

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