The role technology can play in automating your packaging process

Technology continues to play an ever-increasing and important role in society. It touches every aspect of our daily lives, from shopping and banking to our choice of transport.

Automation of Packaging Process
How technology can play a role automating your packaging process

The packaging sector is no different in this regard. The advancement of technology allows companies to implement processes that automate the packing process & increase output for the organisation.

Machines for any situation

At Hub Packaging we have a wide range of tools and machines on offer, including:

  • Automatic Tape Dispensers
  • Void Fill Systems
  • Automated Strapping Systems

All of which are available for speedy delivery, primed to meet your needs whilst making the packaging process more efficient, effective and economical. Read below to find out more about the various machines we currently offer & how they can help you avail of the above benefits when implementing automation in the packaging process.

Automatic Tape Dispensers

Automatic tape dispensers can be integral when integrated into the packaging process. Hub Packaging are delighted to stock dispensers from industry leaders, Better Packages. We stock the BP500 Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser, a high capacity machine with a robust design that is ideal for low volume users. The automatic dispenser’s adaptable design means it can dispense pre-moistened lengths of both plain, and reinforced gummed paper tape, at 1.14m per second; its speed and user-friendly design improves your packaging process efficiency, whilst reducing employee risk.

Whilst the BP500 Electronic dispenser is exemplary for low volume users, we also stock the BP555; a machine which is ideal for high-capacity operations. Its inbuilt 1.3 litre resevoir and wetting system ensures adhesive is evenly dispersed across the whole tape width, contributing to a more economic and efficient packaging process. The machine is equipped to disperse pre-set lengths, which can be adjusted to a repeat pre-set length, reducing the number of necessary changeovers.

View our range of water activated tape dispensers here. We also provide a range of tapes that are designed specifically for use with such machines, click here for more information.

Our range of Tape Machines

Void Fill

Void fill plays a fundamental role in the packaging process. Hub Packaging stocks the AirWave PW1, its programmeable and uncomplicated design affirms it as part of the next generation of air pillow void systems. The Airwave PW1 dispenses individual, seperate, quilted void fill, contributing to heightened cost efficiency. Its design contributes to a seamless integration within packing bench systems, where it can aptly supply void fill for up to 4 workstations.

For more information about void fill machines & how they can be used as part of your packing process, click here.

Stretch Wrap Automation

Efficiency and consistency are central to a successful packaging process. Significantly, stretch wrap automation technology can play a fundamental role in mobilising your process. Manual hand-wrapping can cause inconsistencies, whereas stretch wrap technology ensures goods are securely wrapped. Stretch wrap automation technology requires minimal manual interaction and intervention from operators, resulting in a more efficient, crisp and speedy process, ultimately improving productivity.

Automated Strapping Systems

Automated strapping systems are high performance, sophisticated and self-reliant technology. Their fully automatic and mechanised properties can increase both productivity and reduce overall downtime, thereafter, making the packaging process more effectual.

We stock a range of Optimax automatic strapping systems. The Optimax AFS900-9 is equipped with an automatic strap loop ejector, an automatic strap feed for load-and-go reel changes, whilst operating with a strapping cycle rate of two seconds.

Both the Optimax AFS900-12 Automatic strapping machine & the Optimax AFS900-12L machine is designed with an automatic strap feed, a short feed sensor, auto strap re-insertion, an auto loop injector and fast tension adjustment, all of which heightens productivity, and thereafter your packaging processes efficiency.

View our range of Strapping Machines

Benefits of implementing automation in packaging process

There are a range of benefits to introducing technology to your packaging process, including:

  • Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury
  • Eliminate potential bottlenecks
  • Improved production speed
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Increase in staff morale
  • Better customer service

How Hub Packaging can help

For some companies, the thought of introducing large machinery may seem quite daunting. At Hub Packaging, we try to alleviate any concerns by working closely with you to ensure you get the correct machine installed to suit your requirements.

Our technical team will discuss your exact requirements then help advise on the best option available. Upon confirmation, we will ensure delivery is swift and provide full installation should you desire by our experienced Technical Services Manager.

Get in touch with us today to discuss in more detail & find out Hub Packaging can help you automate your packing process. Contact us using any of the below details.


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