Importance of choosing the right cardboard box for your products

Cardboard Box
Picking the right cardboard box for your packaging is a key decision to consider

When considering your choice of cardboard box, it is important to weigh up various considerations in order to secure the best box for your product/business.

Our latest blog takes a look at the various factors you should be considering when picking the right cardboard box for your company’s packaging.

Size of box

The size of a cardboard box plays an integral role in protecting your customer’s goods and products. Considering your products delicacy and shape, and notably, size will have significant benefits when trying to manage costs whilst providing product protection. Appropriately assessing your products requirements has benefits on your shipping costs. Often, shipping costs are determined by weight. Therefore, the heavier your package, the higher the shipping cost. Selecting the correct size of cardboard box will decrease the weight and contribute to lower costs.

Naturally, shipping costs are closely linked to freight shipment, so selecting the correct cardboard box for your products can have a significant effect on your shipment. Selecting the correct cardboard box/ boxes can to reduce your carbon footprint; by assessing your product and selecting the correctly sized cardboard box, the danger of producing excess material, and thereafter waste is reduced. By choosing appropriately sized boxes for your products, the amount of space taken up in the shipment vehicle may be reduced, thereafter reducing the shipment’s overall carbon footprint.

Shipping costs

Selecting a correctly sized box can also provide goods and products with better protection. For example, using an incorrectly sized box for products which are significantly smaller can result in an excessive amount of void space, increasing the likelihood of movement and potentially damage, as well as increasing costs by having to utilise product protection within the box.

Whereas a correctly sized box significantly reduces this risk. At Hub Packaging we stock a range of cardboard boxes in a range of sizes to help meet your needs. For example our Double Wall Multi-Depth Cardboard Box, due to its pre-scored folds on the box sides, makes it a great solution for those in need of a variety of corrugated cardboard box sizes. The recyclable box is customisable, adapting to the necessary depth, by simply cutting the corners and folding the sides.

Creating good impressions

As well as increasing waste, excess packaging also influences customer satisfaction. Correctly sized packaging creates a good impression and can have a positive effect on consumers as they perceive your packaging choices as well thought through and considered; as opposed to excessive, wasteful and poorly managed. Well-packaged goods and appropriately sized boxes show your customer that you care about their needs, and for the environment.

Strength of box

Both the strength of the box, and the cardboard quality also play a significant role in protecting your goods and products; considering a cardboard boxes durability plays an integral within this. Cardboard boxes need to endure the shipping process, and notably, cardboard has excellent strength. Additionally, cardboard has high quality strength-to-weight ratio. Cardboard’s overarching strength, and durable nature prevents damage in the shipping process.

At Hub Packaging, we offer a range of various box options that can meet your needs.

Single Wall boxes

Single wall boxes are great option for packing and storing lighter objects. Providing a cost-effective solution for your box requirements, they are an ideal solution to begin with. If you are shipping heavier loads, you may want to consider a double wall box which offers increased protection against punctures from sharp objects in transit.

Double Wall boxes

Heavy-duty double wall boxes contain two layers of rigid fluting to provide increased protection for your products. With a range of sizes available, they are ideal for handling and shipping heavy or bulky objects.

How Hub can help

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