Customised Packaging – 4 ways to improve the buyer experience

Customised Packaging
Customised packaging can add to the customer journey & create brand loyalty

Many of our customers are continually trying to devise new ways of presenting their goods/products to maximise the impact upon arrival. The growth in e-commerce & evolution towards providing a better overall customer experience means businesses are now putting more focus on their packaging offering to ensure it aligns with other key elements of the customer journey.

Our latest blog looks at 4 ways that you can improve your customers’ purchasing experience by providing customised packaging.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is tailormade to fit your product and overall brand, by enhancing your brand identity, the first impression, whilst providing total protection in transit. At Hub Packaging we can customise and print boxes and cartons to your specification.

1. Staking Out Your Brand Identity

Custom packaging plays a fundamental role in sculpting your brand identity; packaging offers a large canvas in which to do so, a significant surface on which to create a great impression. Packaging is often a neglected aspect of the customer experience; and yet it is the first touchpoint to create a favourable impression.

2. The Importance of First Impressions

As well as playing a fundamental role in creating an initial impression, customised packaging plays a significant role in constructing and affirming your brand identity. Sleek, clear, high-quality, and appealing packaging engages customers, affirms brand image, whilst allowing consumers to easily differentiate between brands in a saturated market.

Clear communication is essential in creating a strong first impression. Good, customised packaging which makes the necessary information accessible, creates a positive consumer experience, minimising frustration amongst customers and strengthening brand loyalty.

A positive initial impression, which is reflected in a strong brand identity, keeps your business at the forefront of customer’s minds’, whilst encouraging and nurturing a consumers positive feeling about your business.

3. Creating Connection

Not only does packaging play a significant role in initial impressions, it also creates a connection with the consumer, heightening the chances of a long-term and lasting relationship. A positive experience can increase a consumer’s loyalty to a particular brand, whilst heightening the chances of more, future purchases and potentially increasing the price consumers are willing to pay for products.

4. Product Protection

If customisable packaging is key to the customer experience, then protecting the integrity of the product whilst in transit is of paramount importance.

The condition of the product when it reaches the customer is essential to maintaining a good relationship with the consumer – if a damaged product arrives, the consumer may view your company less favourably – leading to a loss of confidence & brand loyalty. Whilst creating customisable packaging which is aesthetically appealing, it’s vital not to sacrifice product protection; there must be a balance.

At Hub Packaging, we highlight the importance of selecting the correct cardboard box/ carton you’re your products – in which both size and strength must be assessed appropriately to ensure damage is prevented. Check out a previous blog where we take a more detailed look at the importance of selecting the right cardboard box for your products.

Hub Packaging can help

If your business wants to make the switch to customised packaging, Hub Packaging are here to help. Our team can give a detailed overview on a range of product lines that can be adapted to help your business & provide an improved experience for your customers. With a wide range of cardboard boxes, pallet wrap, tapes & strapping available – Hub Packaging can meet your packaging needs.

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