BXT3-16 Battery Powered Strapping Tool

3,195.73 exc. VAT

The BXT3-16 battery powered strapping tool delivers high-speed operation and unparalleled performance for plastic strapping applications.
Complete with an ergonomic design and multiple performance enhancing features, the BXT3-16 from Signode improves productivity for a wide range of applications – from those that require minimal tension to those in heavy industries.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly access your favourite strapping function
  • Variable tension speed controlled by finger pressure
  • Strap dust blow-out vent
  • Lightweight, ergonomic protective design with new battery cover to increase longevity
  • Fewer wear parts make it economical to maintain
  • Lock feature to ensure consistent results
  • Finger-pressure controlled strap tension ideal for strapping sensitive products
  • Lightweight, perfectly balanced tool reduces operator fatigue when used at any angle
  • Industry-proven Swiss made tool for reliability, durability and lowest cost of ownership over tool lifetime
  • Heavy duty shock-resistant housing for longevity and maximum battery protection

Technical Specifications

  • Application type – Universal
  • Strap width – 13-16mm
  • Machine type – Battery Powered Hand Tool
  • Hand tool weight (including battery) – 3.8kg
  • Hand tool dimensions – 370 x 141 x 135mm
  • Tensioning speed – Up to 220mm/s
  • Strap tension (soft) – 400-1,360N
  • Strap tension (standard) – 900-2,500N
  • Number of cycles per charge – Up to 800
  • Battery time (to 75% minimum) – 25-30min
  • Battery supplied – Bosch Li-Ion 18V, 2.0Ah



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BXT3-16 Battery Powered Strapping Tool
3,195.73 exc. VAT