Create the perfect eCommerce pack

Your packaging is key to ensuring a positive brand experience in the competitive eCommerce environment.

Growing customer expectations and pressure to release products on time can be a challenge for online retailers. To help you, we put together a few essential features that we think the perfect eCommerce pack should have.

  1. Strong brand – Carry your company name or logo on your package. This will allow you to build a stronger brand presence and improve customer experience. Branded boxes, bags and tape are great ways to start your branding journey.
  2. Easy-open tear strip – Adding a tear strip or zig-zag opening to your packages will help customers avoid the so-called “Wrap Rage” (frustration caused by opening difficult packaging). It will also help reduce tampering and elevate overall customer experience.
  3. Messaging to show brand personality – Print short messages to communicate with your customers. It is a great opportunity to show them you care and make them aware there are real people behind your brand.
  4. Self-seal strip to speed up packing – Boxes with a peel and seal closure considerably improve the appearance of your package, as no tape is needed to secure the box! They will also help speed up your packing lines.
  5. Extra seal for product returns – Customers aren’t always happy with the products they purchase. Make it easier for them to return faulty or unwanted items by adding an extra seal.
  6. Recyclable – Ensure you use sustainable materials were possible to make it easier for your customers to recycle the packaging. Consider including a note explaining how each part of the packaging can be recycled.
  7. Label indicators – For maximum presentation and consistency, print label indicators on the pack, so packers know where to place the label.
  8. Tamper proof – there are many tamper-proof and tamper-evident tools for you to use to secure your packages – chat to our team to discover the right option for you.

    If you need help finding packaging solutions that both protect your products and delight your customers, contact Hub Packaging today.
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