COVID-19 & Your Packaging

As the threat of coronavirus COVID-19 impacts on global health and economy, Hub Packaging is a useful ally to those still engaged in delivery of essentials to trades and households.

In many areas the business front line is now online. Delivery from distribution hubs lessens the risk of infection compared with retail outlets. Some smaller companies will be finding themselves forced to operate online for the survival of their businesses and may be wondering where to start.

Hub Packaging are experts in order fulfilment systems. We have collaborated, designed and installed these in some of the world’s largest distribution centres. However, we also understand the needs of the smallest operation.

Pack stations
For first time users, we have the simple but versatile Kinetix KXWS001 Pack Station. It has a sturdy packing area with storage for all your packaging essentials near at hand whilst allowing for proper distancing between operatives. Larger operations are probably witnessing a rapid increase in parcel traffic and their present facilities buckling under the strain. Pacplan Technik is a bespoke pack station system that can either augment existing facilities or create an entirely new, super-streamlined packing operation to get those orders out the door.

Short on staff? Optimax automatic and semi-automatic strappers, case tapers and pallet stretch wrappers all bump up productivity without increasing workforce. Existing staff will thank you!

Heat sealers
Whilst your workplace can appear safe, how can you ensure the goods you send out are equally safe for your customers?
Hacona heat sealers vary from desktop units to gas-flushing vacuum heat sealers to create an airtight seal around the product. For lower volume users, Pacplus also offer lower cost alternatives.

Shrink covers
If you are faced with temporarily cutting back or closing your operation, make sure that palletised goods are protected from moisture, dust, and contamination. Pallet shrink covers and Ripack gas shrink system from Transpal offer a high standard of protection. Their polythene covers are tougher than stretch film and totally seamless. The covers will ensure that when you return to work your products will still be in pristine condition.

Line Marking Tape
If you work within an area that is in direct contact with the public such as a retail area or trade counter, use our Floor Marking Tapes to create low cost social distancing zones on solid floor surfaces. Made from durable, solid colour vinyl, they stay in place while you need them and peel off easily afterwards. There is also the option of social distance tapes to further reinforce the importance of keeping at a safe distance.

Hub Packaging is currently providing essential industries with much-needed packaging supplies. With good stock levels on most popular products, we will continue this support throughout the current crisis and beyond. For more details, contact

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