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Sustainable Technology solutions for packaging

Sustainability is the central factor to building a better future, therefore, sustainable packaging is high on the agenda for every manufacturing and distribution business. It is only logical that the industry is turning towards technology to meet fresh and everchanging demands.

At Hub Packaging, working towards a sustainable future is of the utmost importance to us. In our 45-year journey, there has never been a more important time to develop a sustainable environment for everyone.


We continually strive to reduce the amount of packaging used; in 2020 we began working with customers aiming to reduce the amount of packaging they were using – we call this Precycling. By adopting a culture of packaging Precycling, partnering with a professional supplier, any business can streamline their packaging use to reduce costs and achieve sustainability targets. We will work closely with your business, offering bespoke and trusted guidance, with the objective of helping you reduce and eliminate packaging waste.

Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

We are committed to continually sourcing, developing, and innovating sustainable packaging alternatives for our customers. As partners in sustainable packaging, Hub Packaging stocks a wide a variety of eco-friendly packaging essentials from Biodegradable Packing List Paper Envelopes to Kraft Paper Tapes. Eco-friendly and cost-effective packaging is a great way to demonstrate your environmental commitment to your customers, whilst playing your part in building a sustainable environment for everyone!

Utilising Technology

Naturally, technology plays a significant role in the production of sustainable packaging. However, Hub Packaging also stocks a wide range of machinery which aim to develop and advance your packaging process, making it more efficient, effective, and thereafter more eco-conscious. Hub Packaging stocks a wide range of machinery such as:

  • Cardboard Shredders
  • Water Activated Tape Dispensers
  • Robot Stretch Wrapper
  • Stretch Wrap Turntables
  • Grip Systems

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Let Hub help you with your sustainable packaging needs! Our dedicated team can provide more information regarding eco-conscious packaging and machinery, and will reply to any queries you may have:

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