How servicing can help your packaging process

At Hub Packaging we are relentless committed to customer care; the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging process is of the utmost importance to us. Servicing is a great way to aid, advance, and ensure your process is operating smoothly. We provide support and contact when you need it most!

Our Commitment to You

We are wholly committed to customer care, at Hub Packaging we are committed to being a part of your packaging process – our service engineers guarantee that when you buy a piece of packaging, strapping, or wrapping machinery from Hub Packaging you will be supported throughout the existence of that product.

Service Care

Once you purchase any machinery or equipment from Hub Packaging, we are able to offer a wide range of Service Care Plans, tailored to suit your criteria. Each plan is designed to offer both the correct level of support and reassurance, with regards to your application.

Employing Service Care Plans is a great preventative measure which can limit any damage which may occur through potential delays in service. Treating your packaging equipment with our unmatched care and support limits the scope for potential damage, while ensuring your packaging operation runs both effectively and efficiently.

Ongoing Support

If you choose not to place your machine under a Service Care Plan, our engineers will happily provide on-site repair or service support. Additionally, one of our service engineers is readily available for a chat on the phone or a video-call if you’re stuck! Why not take advantage of our considerable knowledge base and rapid next-day parts supply service, to ensure your machine is cared for suitably.

You can opt-in to one of our Service Care Plans at any time during the lifespan of your equipment. Our service engineers will carry out an assessment on your specific piece of equipment before quoting for this.

Contact When You Need It Most

Ongoing support and contact are readily available when you need them most! As part of your equipment’s Service Passport, we keep records of all work which is carried out on your equipment – this is an invaluable service when you decide to trade your machinery for a newer model, or if you decide to sell it privately.

We trust that your machine will provide you with years of constant service – a growing number of customers are now employing Service Place to extend the existence of their machines – perhaps this is the correct option for you?

Get in Touch Today!

To find out more information about Hub Packaging’s Servicing Assistance, get in touch today using any of the following methods, our team can provide information regarding servicing, and will reply to any queries you may have:

Sales (NI): +44 (0) 28 4175 4977

Sales (ROI):  +353 (1) 866 0136

Similarly, if you are interested in our Service Care Plans, don’t hesitate to fill out the following form:

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