Picking the Best Packaging for Fragile Items

Fragile items require careful consideration when choosing packaging

In the age of E-Commerce, the number of packages being sent and delivered has skyrocketed. Statista reports that in 2021, over 4.2 billion packages were sent – an increase by 1.3 billion from the year prior. With the increase of online sales, ensuring your customer receives their package in perfect condition is of the utmost importance.

Picking the Best Packaging for Fragile Items

Choosing appropriate packaging for your products is vital to the packaging process. With so many options of protective packaging to choose from, such as packaging foam, cushioned packaging, and protective bubble wrap, knowing what the best option is for your product can be both challenging, and overwhelming. Although, choosing the correct materials can be simple if you assess the size, shape and material of the item being packed. However, a good place to begin is with a fragile label!

Regardless of how things are packaged, they must be clearly marked as fragile, with a sticker or label, to ensure they are handled with care. Without a label, packages may not be handled delicately, resulting in them being dropped, thrown, or mistreated.

Hub Packaging has a wide range of labels on offer which clearly indicate the fragility of your package, and how it should be handled. Although parcels can be labelled as ‘fragile’, or ‘handle with care’, for some parcels instructions such as ‘this way up’, or ‘do not stack’ may be essential in preventing damage. Visual messages, such as the image of a broken glass, labelled with ‘fragile’, are internationally recognised; this is useful if your goods are shipped outside of the UK.

Which types of packaging provide the best protection?

So, now your package is appropriately labelled, it is vital to consider which types of packaging provide the best protection. Considering a packages size, shape, texture, as well as their destination, is integral to selecting the correct packaging, from a wide variety of options.

  • Packing Foam – Packing foam is a great lightweight material which helps combat scratches and abrasion. Foam is a clean, efficient, and cost-effective solution for packaging fragile items; its flexible and lightweight nature makes it ideal for slipping over, around, or in-between delicate, fragile or decorative items.
  • Cushioning Packaging – Cushioning packaging is air filled polythene film, which works like bubble wrap – offering a strong, cushioned, and durable support for numerous items throughout the shipping cycle. At Hub Packaging we stock a variety of AirWave Air Pillow Films, and the AirWave Pillow System. Sealed air packaging is ideal for cushioning, securing and blocking your goods; additionally, the AirWave Pillow Products are a great of automating your packaging process!
  • Protective Bubble Wrap – Protective bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping around items, as well as packing out the inside of a package, for extra security. Protective bubble wrap is lightweight, it protects your goods against abrasion, and shock, and is ideal for numerous packaging needs. Bubble wrap is available in a variety of different forms including sheets, rolls, and bags.
  • Fragile Packing Tape – Fragile packing tape not only securely seals up your package, but it also clearly indicates its fragility. Its strength solvent adhesive, combined with its explicit label, makes it the ideal, and concluding piece to any packaging tool kit.

Packing Fragile Items

Packing, and posting fragile items can also pose a challenge. Using the correct combination of excellent protective packaging materials is essential to ensuring your fragile goods are secure.

As noted above, selecting the best, and most appropriate packaging is dependent on your product, and its final destination. Selecting a combination of packaging materials to protect your goods during transportation is a great way to provide protection!

When packaging fragile items, a good place to begin is with a durable shipping box – single or double wall. When considering the size of shipping box, we suggest a box which is big enough to comfortably fit the items in, whilst having just enough room to pack the box out with impact-resistant packaging.

If your business wants to package your fragile produce in a more effective way, Hub Packaging are here to help. To find out more information about how Hub Packaging can assist you in packaging your fragile produce, get in touch today using any of the following methods, our technical team can provide information regarding any of the products mentioned, and will reply to any queries you may have:

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