What protective packaging materials should I use?

Protective Packaging
Consider protective Packaging for safely securing your goods

The protection of your products is of the utmost importance, and notably, fragile items need particular attention when considering their transportation. Understanding which packaging materials to use is dependent on your product, and what you are packaging the product for. Your items shape, the box it is going in, and whether it is being stored or shipped will all affect how you package the item, and with what materials.

At Hub Packaging the safety of your products is vital, so to ensure you pick the most suitable packaging for your products, we have devised a list of our favourite protective packaging materials, and what purpose each of them serve.

We have a wide range of protective packaging materials available – from cardboard, to foam, to paper, to inflatable protective packaging. Whilst each piece of protective packaging serves a different purpose, they all provide a reliable level of protection, ensuring your products remain undamaged regardless of whether they have been stacked or shipped.

What is Protective Packaging?

Protective Packaging is packaging which is designed specifically to protect products from any physical damage which may occur during transit. Whilst boxes and containers serve protective purposes, they aren’t classified as exclusively protective packaging. Often, protective packaging is packing material that is added to items to provide padding, support, shock-absorption, or shielding.

So, what is available?

Protective Packaging Materials

At Hub Packaging we have a wide range of protective packaging materials available – each of which are suited to specific packaging demands.

Protective Foam Packaging

Protective Foam Packaging is a great, lightweight, versatile packaging option – however, there is a wide range of Protective Foam Packaging available.

At Hub Packaging we stock White Polyethylene Foam in a variety of sizes. Our non-abrasive and lightweight foam can be used in a thin, and flexible sheet form – meaning it can be wrapped around items, protecting your product from any damage that may take place during transit. Foam is both efficient and cost-effective. Foam is an effective replacement for heavier packaging materials, helping the reduction of solid waste. Foam can be cut-to-fit and can also be reused – making it a great eco-conscious option. Additionally, foam complies with EU and US regulations, as it contains no CFC, HCFC, or heavy metals.

Foam packaging also comes in shapes which can neatly protect fragile edges and corners. U-Profile Protectors wrap around the corners of your product, whilst L-Profile Protectors prevent edge damage, and fit snugly around the sharp edges of your product. Foam U-Corner Protectors provide corners with both protection and support.

Additionally, for more specific protective needs, there are Moisture Resistant Edge Packaging Solutions, that protect the edges of your product from bumps and water damage – meaning they are particularly useful when storing or shipping in humid conditions!

For packaging delicate electronics, there is Antistatic Foam Packaging, which has impact and vibration resistant properties, like regular Foam Packaging, whilst also isolating the goods inside from static which can damage the micro-processors within the technology.

Inflatable Protective Packaging

Inflatable Protective Packaging such as bubble wrap is a great way to protect a wide variety of items. bubble wrap is both lightweight and versatile – it can be cut to size, making it one of the most flexible protective materials available. Bubble wrap is both moisture, and dirt-resistant; the small air-bubbles are partially shock-resistant, protecting your product from any impact it may endure during transit.

Bubble wrap is available in rolls, or pouches. At Hub Packaging we stock a range of bubble wrap Lined Mailing Envelopes, in a range of different sizes. As well as being lined with a protective layer of bubble wrap, the Bubble Mailing Envelopes have a durable outer layer, meaning your products are well protected. Additionally, the range of envelopes that we stock are all self-adhesive, meaning they can be sealed quickly and easily.

As bubble wrap is made from polythene, it is easy to recycle – and is often made into more bubble wrap, making it a great eco-conscious option.

Paper Protective Packaging

The final type of protective packaging is paper, a great versatile and eco-conscious option.

Shredded paper/ card is the simplest form of paper packaging. When scrunched up, shredded paper/ card provides an extra layer of protection, acting as a form of void fill – making it great for irregularly shaped items, or for padding out boxes which are larger than the product. At Hub Packaging we stock the Optimax OP32- Single Phase Cardboard Shredder, which produces protective matting material, a sustainable investment.

Coloured Crinkle Cut Paper is not only a great protective option, but it also adds to the unboxing experience due to its vibrancy – this is especially useful within e-commerce.

Corrugated Card which is available on rolls, or in sheets, offers the advantages of paper, but with additional protective properties. Due to the corrugation, the paper has additional strength, and due to the air gaps, it offers greater absorption and impact protection.

There are several other types of protective packaging paper available for more specialist packaging needs. For engineering purposes, a moisture-absorbent Waxed Kraft Paper may be a more suitable option. For more specific anti-corrosion protection, there are a variety of anti-corrosion papers available that use vapour control inhibitor coatings, which are great when trying to protect items which are pone to rust.

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