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In the order fulfilment sector, profitability is all about driving efficiency and reducing costs, and the most effective way to do this is with a fully-integrated pack system. Smart design that places everything exactly where you need it and reduces double-handling and bottlenecks. Automation that offers versatility for irregular pack sizes and fluctuating demands.


When a UK cosmetics company needed to upgrade their mail order fulfilment capacity they were advised to consider Technik™ bespoke systems. A design technician visited the site to inspect the current operation and discuss the customer’s projected requirements, and then a free, comprehensive project evaluation report was submitted to the customer.

The report recommended a ‘locked-in’ system that uses powered conveyors to transport products from the pick face to the pack station and then onwards to despatch. Packaging materials such as cartons, void fill and adhesive tape are stowed near at hand to last an entire shift. Every aspect of the packing process is designed to minimise double-handling and downtime.


The customer needed a source of void fill to prevent contents moving about inside cartons and to provide additional protection from impact damage. The report recommended Hub’s AirWave® air pillow system automatically replenishing under-counter hoppers with pre-inflated pillows on a perforated roll. As the film is only inflated on demand, the material needs minimal storage space before use, so the packing area is kept free of congestion. It is also hygienic and dust free, offers low-compressibility during use and can easily be deflated to minimise packaging waste volume afterwards. New Hub Biofilm™ is made from potato starch and is totally biocompostable to EN 13232, so it is a popular choice for companies wanting to reduce their use of non-compostable and petrochemical-based plastics.


Electronic Water Activated Tape (WAT) Dispenser
The report also recommended that the customer convert to Water-activated Tape for carton sealing, as it has so many commercial and environmental benefits. Natural kraft paper made from sustainable softwood sources is combined with natural starch adhesive to create a stronger, more permanent bond than conventional pressure-sensitive plastic tapes; independent trials have confirmed that the use of water activated tape reduces overall packaging materials costs and increases throughput.

The system proposed by the report was paid back in only eight months. The company no longer needs to take on additional packing staff at peak to be able to cope with the increased volumes; they have also created more ergonomic working conditions for their packers while simultaneously increasing efficiency and productivity both by 30%.


Fulfilment system specialists Hub Packaging also stock a range of modular bench systems as well as materials handling and industrial environment products



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