EcoFilm – The latest innovation in pallet wrapping


EcoFilm is the latest innovation in self-gripping pallet wrap that provides a range of cost-saving, environmental and user-friendly benefits.

Designed & manufactured by Grip® Systems, this stretch wrap is efficient, fast, safe & suited for most commercial pallet wrapping applications. Multiple protruding edges and corners can be wrapped with ease via its ‘self-gripping’ formula, which is achieved with specially formulated additives being added during a consistent and unrivalled manufacturing process.

Always looking for ways to develop and adapt to changing customer requirements, Grip Systems have recently developed EcoFilm.


EcoFilm has been developed to provide users an option of pallet wrap that is environmentally friendly, as it now contains 30% recycled content. This development in the product means it can be classed as exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

By increasing the volume of recycled content and still maintaining the key characteristics that made it such a popular product, EcoFilm is the perfect solution for companies who want a high-quality product to wrap pallets and meet company environmental targets.

Available in both 5 & 9-micron variations, EcoFilm can be used across various applications whilst maintaining the required strength properties to ensure pallets and goods are secured.

Magnetised Dispenser System

EcoFilm is securely wrapped around a strong and sturdy non-slip core, allowing a seamless alignment with the Grip Film Magnetised Dispenser System.

The patented dispenser system reduces the time taken to wrap a pallet & increases consistency whilst offering various Health and Safety benefits for the packing operative. The Grip Dispenser has been designed to reduce the time taken to hand-wrap a pallet.

Why switch to EcoFilm for your pallet wrap?

In the UK it is estimated that approximately 150,000 tons of pallet wrap are used each calendar year. The unique and dynamic design of EcoFilm has significant benefits with regard to reducing pallet wrap usage whilst improving efficiency, effectiveness, and user experience.

Here are just some of the benefits to consider for implementing EcoFilm in your packaging process.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the use of film required to wrap a pallet by 40%.
  • Reduces the time taken to wrap a pallet by 40%.
  • Significantly improves the user experience, and the health and safety risks associated with wrapping a pallet.
  • UK Plastic Packaging Tax exempt.

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Following the introduction of the EU Plastics Levy Tax and UK Plastic Packaging Tax in April 2022, EcoFilm can reduce your usage & save money. To find out more information about how Hub Packaging can help you make the switch to EcoFilm, get in touch today using any of the below methods:

Sales (NI):  +44 (0) 28 4175 4977

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One of our technical team will reply to any query you may have and provide more pricing information. We also offer the option of having one of our team come to your premises to provide an on-site demonstation of applying Grip Systems.

The benefit of a demo allows your staff to understand the difference between Grip Systems and conventional pallet wrap. Specifically, demonstrates how to apply Grip Systems using the dispenser designed to be used with EcoFilm. Once this has been demonstrated, it is easy to see the benefits of implementing Grip Systems as part of your packaging process.

Get in touch using any of the methods above to book your on-site demonstration today with one of our team.

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