Eco-Tape – Why You Should Make the Switch

Sustainability should be at the fore of every business agenda. By aligning your business objectives in a sustainable manner, it offers an example to others & sets your company on the road to long-term success.

Packaging can play a key role in acheiving your sustainability goals. The choice of packaging used to protect & ship your goods is a vital component and should not be overlooked.

Our latest blogs takes a look at the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly alternatives to tape, known as eco-tape & how making the switch can help improve your sustainability efforts.

What is Eco-Tape?

Eco-Tape is made from kraft paper, glass fibre, natural rubber-based gum, and other reinforcements. Some Eco-Tape is made from a combination of all those materials. Whilst others are made from solely paper and gum, often this tape would be used for lighter duties. Eco-Tape is available in a range of grades, and width of kraft paper from 57gsm-120gsm.

Eco-Tape can be fixed to your packages in two different ways, depending on how the tape is going to be used – Self-Adhesive and Water-Activated Gummed Tape.

Self-Adhesive Eco-Tape is coated in self-adhesive gum, which is also eco-friendly. The tape can be easily applied, either by hand or using a handheld tape dispenser, that can apply and cut the tape in one swipe.

Alternatively, Eco-Tape can be a Water-Activated Gummed Tape, where the adhesive on the roll is activated by water. On the roll, the tape is dry; however, when dispensed through a special tape dispenser, moisture is applied to the tape. Once dry, the adhesive becomes strong and secure, in addition to becoming humidity and temperature resistant.

What is paper tape used for?

Paper Tape serves several purposes with regards to packaging activities, and in the age of e-commerce this is of the upmost importance. Its main purpose is to securely seal packages, although, it serves other purposes too!

Notably, tape seals packages; a preventative measure to ensure goods do not fall out of the package and become damaged. The secure and strong seal that the tape forms is tamper evident. There is no way to remove the seal without damaging the seal and thereafter displaying that the package has been opened, making it ideal for both e-commerce and transport deliveries.

Eco-Tape is flexible; however, its strength does not waver as a result of its flexibility. It has the ability to handle heavier loads – it can be used to seal packages which weigh up to 75kg.

The strong yet flexible nature of this tape is matched by its high-level heat and humidity resistance, which makes it an ideal product to use for export operations. With regards to export operations, cooperating Eco-Tape into your packaging process will also have a significant effect on the environmental onus in the receiving country, which may have differing regulations with regards to both packaging materials and the amount of recyclable packaging that can be imported.

Why should you make the switch?

With an increased focus on sustainability making your business more environmentally friendly, moving to Eco-Tapes is a great place to begin. Additionally, there is a variety of eco-tapes available that have no extra cost – another great reason to make the switch.

Eco-Tapes are gummed and self-adhesive, and whilst providing excellent levels of closure, sealing, and security, they are also recyclable. Even the glue which lines the tape is recyclable! Eco-Tape’s recyclable quality makes it a great alternative to polypropylene and vinyl tapes.

Eco-Tape is strong, can be torn by hand and its adhesivity means it can stick to all types of packaging, including cartons and boxes. Due to Eco-Tapes recyclable natural rubber adhesive, it can be recycled whilst being adjoined to other types of packaging, saving you both time and money. This increases the likelihood that the package will be recycled, as no extra time needs to be taken to separate materials.

Moreover, Eco-Tape’s versatility means it can be used for labelling as well as securely sealing packages. Its multi-purpose uses contributes to a reduction in waste; instead of using a label, the tape can be used to label packages instead, resulting in a reduction in the number of raw materials used.

How Hub Packaging can help

If your business wants to make the switch to environmentally friendly alternatives to tape for packaging, Hub Packaging are here to help. To find out more get in touch today, our technical team can provide information and reply to any queries you may have.

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