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The continuous urgings to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, exacerbated by the ongoing climate crisis, means that every business has a duty to act eco-consciously. According to, in 2021 (provisional), figures indicated that 63.2% of UK packaging waste was recycled respectively in commercial organisations.

Whilst the figure above is positive, more effort is needed to increase the volume of packaging that is recycled. Through various initiatives, businesses can be more efficient in their use of packaging & how they can recycle the materials they consume as part of their business processes.

At Hub Packaging we recognise that we hold an extremely influential position with regards to our stock. The products we supply not only effect our customers, but thereafter our customers’ customers. A reduction in your business’ packaging waste minimises the grossly negative impact on the environment, and now is the time to act!

We’ve put together some of our top tips which will help you minimise your packaging waste, whilst making your process more cost-effective and efficient.

Multidepth Boxes

If you’re business is continually sending goods which are of a variety of different sizes; the need to buy numerous different sized boxes and use copious amounts of void fill can be eliminated with Multidepth Boxes. At Hub Packaging we stock a range of cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes. Our Double Wall Multi-Depth Cardboard Box is customisable, due to its pre-scored folds, allowing it to be adapted to any necessary depth. Its versatility makes it a great solution for those in need of a variety of corrugated cardboard box sizes.

Additionally, altering your cardboard box to the correct size can reduce shipping costs, which is naturally linked to freight shipment. Selecting the appropriately sized box and altering it to suit your needs reduces excess waste, whilst minimising the amount of space used on a freight shipment, thereafter, reducing your carbon footprint.

Gummed Paper Tape

Why not switch packing tape for Gummed Paper Tape? At Hub Packaging we stock a range of Water Activated Gummed Paper Tapes, and a selection of Better Pack Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispensers. Not only is Gummed Paper Tape a fast and permanent adhesive, but it also enhances carton strength and rigidity, making it one of the strongest tapes on the market. Gummed Paper Tape is 100% recyclable and does not need to be separated from cardboard boxes, thereafter, encouraging your customer to recycle.

Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels are a great way to take an eco-conscious approach to your packaging process. By combining your despatch note and the customer’s address on a single page, its only necessary to use one document per order, reducing the amount of paper used, and increasing time-effectiveness. Not only do Integrated Labels offer a waste-free solution to labelling, but they are also made from recyclable and PEFC approved materials, thereafter, reducing your plastic waste.

Cardboard Shredder

Rather than throwing away old carboard why not invest in a Cardboard Shredder to turn your cardboard waste into high quality protective packaging material? At Hub Packaging we stock the Optimax OP32 Single Phase Cardboard Shredder, a shredder which creates high-quality void fill and matting material, both of which are environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. The protective materials produced by your shredder can easily replace plastic bubble wrap, thereafter, reducing your packaging costs, and the amount of plastic waste you dispose of, and subsequently your impact on the environment!

Hub Packaging can help

By reducing your packaging waste, you are playing an active role in paving the way for a greener future! To find out more information about how Hub Packaging can assist you in reducing your packaging waste, get in touch today using any of the following methods, our technical team can provide information regarding the products, and will reply to any queries you may have:

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