Protega Systems – The Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

Protega are a leading manufacturer & supplier of sustainable packaging – designed with the aim of reducing breakages and costs, whilst accelerating and improving packing time.

Our latest blog takes a look at the products that Protega provide in more detail & how they align with our brand values of improving sustainable packaging options for our customers.

Hub Packaging is delighted to partnering as an official distributor of Protega Systems for their range of eco-friendly sustainable packaging.

Hexcel Wrap – the eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap

Protega produces paper bubble wrap, an eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap – the first of its kind to be manufactured in the UK.

Hexcel Wrap arrives as a flat sheet, which when stretched becomes three-dimensional. Subsequently, using 80% less space in your warehouse whilst flat. Hexcel Wrap can be easily wrapped around products, offering a great level of protection – which is equal to plastic bubble wrap. Hexcel Wrap is dispensed from an easy, manual tension device.

The device can be stationed anywhere, as it does not require electricity – making it an increasingly simple decision to switch to Hexcel Wrap.

Additionally, Hexcel Wrap is both easy to stretch and tear. Once Hexcel Wrap is stretched around the product, you merely tear the paper and it interlocks on itself, safely securing the product within. In turn, eliminates the need for adhesive tape, thereafter reducing plastic use and packing time by up to 50%. Additionally, the avoidance of adhesive tape makes it easier for customers to unwrap the product.

As companies seek to make their businesses more sustainable, the desire for Hexcel Wrap is dramatically increasing. Hexcel Paper Bubble Wrap, stocked by Hub Packaging, is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Its compact size means that Hexcel Wrap has a minimal carbon footprint, in comparison with bubble wrap.

Benefits of Hexcel Wrap

  • Protection – Hexcel effortlessly wraps around products and the layers build up to offer protection as good if not better than plastic bubble wrap.
  • Speed – Hexcel reduces pack times by up to 50%, increasing your productivity and lowering true costs.
  • Space – Due to its compact size, Hexcel takes up to 80% less space than bubble wrap.
  • Interlocking feature design – Eliminating the need for tape due to Hexagonal cells keep Hexcel Wrap from unravelling.

Paper Void Fill

The ‘Protega Protect’ is a desktop paper void fill machine which produces a high volume of protective void fill. The void fill produced by ‘Protega Protect’ offers a high level of protection, in comparison to plastic, due to its shock-absorbent quality. Additionally, paper void fill is recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint when compared to its plastic counterpart.

Whilst being an eco-conscious alternative to plastic void fill / plastic void fill machines, the Protega Protect has a sleek and lightweight design meaning it can fit into small despatch areas or can be integrated into a packaging line when placed on a height-adjustable stand.

The Protega Protect pre-folds the paper rolls – meaning the rolls are easier to handle than wider rolls. Additionally, it is easy to configure paper length, and the amount of void fill dispensed. Regarding simplicity, the Protega Protect has been designed with the safety of users in mind. The ‘Protega Protect’ is equipped with simple and clear instructions and user-friendly controls. Another incentive to make the switch.

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