Need a cardboard box? 3 reasons why you should choose Hub

Need a cardboard box?

According to recent research by the cardboard campaign group Beyond the Box, it is estimated that on average each person in the UK receives 200 cardboard packages a year. Based on typical Royal Mail parcel measurements, the average household receives one large box, one medium-sized box, and two small boxes a week.

The above figures highlight the wide range of cardboard boxes required to meet the demands of consumers. Our latest blog takes a look at the various reasons why you should consider working with Hub Packaging for your cardboard box requirements.

Wide Range & Quantity of Cardboard boxes

With over 75 box sizes and over 370,000 cardboard boxes currently in stock, we are confident that Hub can meet your box requirements. We stock an extensive range of boxes and cartons, from small postal boxes to large heavy-duty export boxes that are available in various sizes – ideal for long-distance shipping.

Different Types of Boxes – Single Wall, Double Wall, Die-Cut

As mentioned earlier, cardboard boxes come in all shapes & sizes. By working with Hub, we can provide a large portfolio of boxes that include a variety of types – each with different characteristics to meet your needs. Read on for more information about the different types of boxes we currently have available.

  • Single Wall Boxes: Single wall boxes are made from a solo layer of corrugated cardboard. They offer a great layer of protection and act as a great low-cost packaging solution.

  • Double Wall Boxes: Double wall boxes are made from two layers of sturdy corrugated fluting, with a firm puncture-resistant Kraft outer. Thereafter, offering optimal strength, durability, and resistance.

  • Die-Cut Boxes: Die-Cut boxes offer a substantial amount of protection. They are designed to create slimline dispatch solutions that minimise your postal costs, making them a great option for businesses or individuals who are looking to save money on postage. Additionally, these boxes are sized to fit within Royal Mail, easing any additional concerns surrounding delivery.


Not only can we meet your cardboard box requirements, but we also provide a wide range of accompanying products that assist your cardboard box.

Water Activated Tape & Dispenser

Hub Packaging is delighted to stock a range of Water Activated tapes. Water Activated Tape offers a great level of security, with high tamper and pilfer resistance. When used by our range of automated dispensers it provides an effective carton-sealing solution.

Hub Packaging stocks Automatic Tape Dispensers from Better Packages, the industry leader. We stock the Better Pack BP500 Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser. The automatic dispenser’s adaptable design means it can dispense pre-moistened lengths of both plain, and reinforced gummed paper tape, at 1.14mtr per second; its speed and user-friendly design heightens the efficiency of your packaging process.

Whilst the BP500 Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser is exemplary for low-volume users, Hub Packaging also stocks the Better Pack BP555 Electronic Water Activated Tape Dispenser, which is ideal for larger /high-capacity operations. The machine’s inbuilt 1.3 litre reservoir and wetting system ensure adhesive is evenly dispersed across the whole tape width. The machine is equipped to dispense pre-set lengths, which can be adjusted to repeat a pre-set length, reducing the number of necessary changeovers. Subsequently, contributing to a more effective packaging process.

Cardboard Shredder

Why not invest in a Cardboard Shredder to turn your cardboard waste into high quality protective packaging material? At Hub Packaging we stock the Optimax OP32 Single Phase Cardboard Shredder, a shredder which creates high-quality void fill and matting material, both of which have a positive effect on your recycling costs, and the environment.

Speedy Delivery

In addition to all of this, Hub Packaging offers a speedy delivery service – meaning any of the products mentioned can be with you swiftly – primed and ready for use!

To find out more information about how Hub Packaging can meet your cardboard box needs, get in touch today. Our technical team can provide information regarding the products mentions, and will reply to any queries you may have:


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