PWF4-4245 AirWave Air Pillow Film

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Introducing the PWF8-4245 AirWave Air Pillow: Elevate Your Packaging Protection

At Hub Packaging, we recognize the vital role packaging plays in ensuring your products arrive in pristine condition.

It’s with great excitement that we introduce the PWF8-4245 AirWave Air Pillow Film – an innovative solution designed to redefine packaging protection while optimising your operations.

Quantity: 1 Roll
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PFW4-4245 Air pillow is a space-efficient and user-friendly alternative to conventional void fill, requiring little storage space before use, available on-demand at the point of packing, lightweight and clean, and easily compacted after use. Air pillow film from Hub Packaging has a selection of pillows and quilts that are suitable for lining, interleaving and void filling.

PFW4-4245 produces 4 chambers of Air Pillows across the width of the roll.

Roll dimensions:

  • 420mm wide
  • 450m long
  • 20mu film thickness

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1 Roll

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PWF4-4245 AirWave Air Pillow Film
£176.57 exc. VAT