EcoFilm – Self-Gripping Stretch Film

EcoFilm from Grip Systems is a unique self-gripping pallet wrap system that provides a range of cost-saving, environmental and user-friendly benefits.

Designed & manufactured by Grip® Systems, this stretch wrap is efficient, fast, safe & suited for most commercial pallet wrapping applications. Multiple protruding edges and corners can be wrapped with ease via its ‘self-gripping’ formula, which is achieved with specially formulated additives being added during a consistent and unrivalled manufacturing process.

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Key Features of EcoFilm:

  • Longer roll lengths – available in 420m and 550m rolls (when compared with conventional pallet wrap).
  • Fast roll changes – thanks to a non-slip roll core and twist-lock system on the dispenser, the user simply needs to release and replace a new roll in a matter of seconds.
  • User-friendly – Grip Systems is lightweight & ergonomic, allowing pallets to be wrapped quickly & efficiently.
  • Reduced danger of collision –  operator applies EcoFilm by walking forwards, not backward as per the method with traditional hand wrap.
  • Less tension required – lightweight design makes it easy to maintain film tension even when working at height.
  • No need for stretching – apply the film with minimal effort and the film automatically contracts when applied, providing extra stability.
  • High load retention – creates a ‘strapping’ effect on the load resulting in excellent pallet stabilisation.
  • Less effort required – less operator fatigue & fewer accidents.
  • Excellent puncture resistance – wraps corners of pallets with ease.
  • Oscillation wound with a cushion of air – will ‘bounce’ if dropped, will not dent or tear, reducing the number of damaged rolls.
  • Reduce carbon footprint and plastic use – Due to the strength of EcoFilm, you will use less – therefore less plastic wastage. Which will help in efforts to minimise the impact of the Plastic Packaging Tax.
  • For more information on EcoFilm, download our information leaflets for the various rolls variations that are available:

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