Hub Packaging announced as sole Grip Systems distributor across Ireland

Grip Systems – revolutionising conventional pallet wrap

Hub Packaging are delighted to be appointed as sole distributor for the market-leading, Grip Systems technology across Ireland.

Grip Systems design and create all products with the operator in mind. With a focus on improving the efficiency of operations, they provide a wide range of different products that work together as a system to maximise the packaging process.

The latest product offering from their exciting range is GripFilm.

Self-gripping stretch film

This is a high quality, lower cost alternative to conventional pallet wrap. It yields a saving of up to 40% and is easier to apply, reducing the time spent securing your goods. Already many customers are using Grip Systems to offset the upcoming UK Plastic Tax in the UK & EU.

Available in a wide range of colours, the unique GripFilm system is patented, self-gripping and specially formulated to facilitate faster wrapping with minimum effort. It produces a strong and stable support for all palletised loads. The GripFilm self-gripping properties enable immediate and automatic retention, remarkably, further increasing pallet stability. The film is lighter than conventional alternatives which means less storage space is needed, with reduced transportation costs significantly.

Magnetised Dispenser System

GripFilm is securely wrapped around a strong and sturdy non-slip core, allowing a seamless alignment with the Grip Film Magnetised Dispenser System.

The patented dispenser system reduces the time taken to wrap a pallet & increases consistency whilst offering various Health and Safety benefits for the packing operative. The Grip Dispenser has been designed to reduce the time taken to hand wrap a pallet.

GripFilm is available in a range of various colours to align with your company branding

Weighing less than 1kg and with a tensioning mechanism, the GripFilm System has been proven to be 40% more efficient than traditional hand wrapping methods, in both the amount of time taken, and the amount of film needed. The unique tensioning mechanism enables the operator to apply the film in a more consistent and secure fashion, guaranteeing the stability and integrity of your load.


  • Patented twist-lock tensioning mechanism
  • Secure non-slip core retention
  • Rapid roll change system
  • Ergonomic design with rubber handle providing ease of use for operator

Why switch to Grip Systems for your pallet wrap?

In the UK it is estimated that approximately over 150,000 tons of pallet wrap is used each calendar year. Grip Systems unique and dynamic design has significant benefits with regards to reducing pallet wrap usage whilst improving efficiency, effectiveness, and user experience.

Here are just some of the benefits to consider for implementing Grip Systems in your packaging process.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces use of film required to wrap a pallet by 40%.
  • Reduces the time taken to wrap a pallet by 40%.
  • Significantly improves the user experience, and the health and safety risks associated with wrapping a pallet.
  • Dramatically reduces the Plastics Tax charge.

Get in touch today to find out more about Grip Systems

Following the introduction of the EU Plastics Levy Tax and forthcoming UK Plastic Packaging Tax (April 2022), Grip Systems can dramatically reduce your usage. To find out more information about how Hub Packaging can help you make the switch to Grip Systems, get in touch today using any of the below methods:

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