Speed up your Strapping with the Strap Bandit strap feed tool

Possibly the worst part of strapping pallets by hand is feeding the strap through the pallet frame. For many years operatives have used a thin stick or cane, split at one end to grip the strap. Some products offer a slight sophistication to this improvisation, with a proper metal spring clip on the end of a wand.

Now we all know that hand strapping will never be exciting, but it has certainly become a lot faster and easier with the Strap Bandit SFT (strap feed tool, natch) from Hub Packaging. It uses aerodynamic design and composite fibre technology to make easy work of an otherwise tedious task.

About the Strap Bandit SFT
The Strap Bandit has no straight lines or surfaces. As a result, whichever way you feed it through the pallet it will never snag on runners or veer off course. It also has light and responsive handling and takes corners in its stride.

The glass fibre guide rod connecting the feed head to the handle is flexible enough to feed through closely stacked pallets. It also has an impressive total length of 1823mm. Therefore, the Strap Bandit will easily clear the width and length of any standard-sized pallet.

A deep slot in the top of the feed head is lined with rubberised tooth-like grippers that adapt to any thickness of strap and will securely hold anything from corded and extruded plastic to steel, but easily releases it when it emerges from the pallet.

This product offers an ingenious, safe alternative to antiquated traditions. It is a must have for both safety and efficiency in the work place.

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