Branded PVC Tape – Vinyl Tape

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Elevate your packaging with branded PVC tape from Hub Packaging.

Our durable, customisable PVC tape provides secure sealing and enhances your brand’s visibility. Ideal for businesses seeking a robust and professional packaging solution.

Request a quote today and make a lasting impression with our premium branded PVC tape.

The lead time to complete your order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placement.

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*Please note* – Flood coating involves changing the base colour of a tape before applying your design on top. See below for further information. This process allows your tape to be more unique, distinctive, and eye-catching.

Benefits of PVC Tape

Superior Adhesion

PVC solvent tape offers strong adhesion to a variety of surfaces like cardboard, plastic, and metal. This ensures packages stay securely sealed during transit and storage, providing peace of mind that contents will remain intact.

Hand Applied or Machine Applied

This tape is versatile and can be applied either by hand or using a machine.


PVC Tape Known for its durability, PVC solvent tape can withstand rough handling, pressure, and environmental stress. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications, ensuring packages remain sealed under challenging conditions.

Low Residue

One of the key benefits of PVC tape is that it leaves minimal residue upon removal. This ensures that surfaces remain clean and free from sticky remnants, making it perfect for applications where clean removal is essential.

Easy Tear by Hand

PVC tape is designed for convenience, allowing it to be easily torn by hand. This eliminates the need for scissors or dispensers, making the packaging process quicker and more efficient.

Moisture and Chemical Resistance

PVC tape is highly resistant to moisture and chemicals, making it ideal for use in environments where exposure to water, oils, or solvents is common. It maintains its adhesive properties even in humid or wet conditions.


The versatility of PVC tape allows it to be used in packaging, electrical insulation, and general repairs. Its adaptability to different tasks simplifies inventory management by reducing the need for multiple types of tape.

UV Resistance

UV resistance makes this tape suitable for outdoor applications. It can withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without degrading or losing adhesive strength, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Strong Holding Power

The tape’s strong holding power secures heavy or bulky items effectively, making it suitable for applications requiring high-strength bonding. Its robust holding capacity ensures items remain firmly in place during handling or transport.

Why use PVC Tape?

PVC solvent tape is a robust packaging solution known for its strong adhesive properties and durability. It provides reliable sealing for various applications, ensuring packages are securely protected during transit and storage.

Vinyl or polyvinyl chloride tape, is a versatile and durable packaging solution recognized for its strong adhesive properties. It features a solvent-based adhesive that ensures reliable adhesion to a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for securing packages in diverse industries.

PVC tape is designed to withstand rough handling and provides a secure seal that protects contents during transit and storage. Its resistance to moisture and temperature variations enhances its reliability for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether referred to as solvent tape or vinyl tape, its robust construction and adhesive strength make it suitable for automated packaging lines or manual sealing tasks, ensuring packages are securely sealed and protected.

The lead time to complete your order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placement.

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Branded PVC Tape – Vinyl Tape