Branded Hot Melt Tape – Polypropylene

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Discover the superior adhesion of Hot Melt Tape from Hub Packaging.

Perfect for all your sealing needs, our hot melt tape offers strong, reliable bonding for a variety of surfaces. Ideal for packaging applications that demand durability and efficiency, this tape ensures your packages stay secure.

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The lead time to complete your order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placement.

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*Please note* – Flood coating involves changing the base colour of a tape before applying your design on top. See below for further information. This process allows your tape to be more unique, distinctive, and eye-catching.

Key Benefits Of Hot Melt Tape

Strong Adhesive Bond

Branded tape provides a strong adhesive bond, ensuring packages remain securely sealed during transit. This reliability protects the contents from accidental openings and external elements.

Hand Applied or Machine Applied

This tape is versatile and can be applied either by hand or using a machine.

Hand Applied or Machine Applied

This tape is versatile and can be applied either by hand or using a machine.

Quick Setting Time

With its quick setting time, branded tape is ideal for fast-paced environments. It adheres rapidly, reducing waiting periods and enhancing overall productivity in packaging processes.

Versatile for Various Substrates

Branded tape adheres to various substrates, including cardboard, plastic, and metal. This versatility ensures a reliable seal for different packaging materials, meeting diverse needs.

Suitable for High-Speed Automated Applications

Designed for high-speed automated packaging, branded tape ensures smooth machinery operation. Its consistent performance reduces downtime, making it perfect for high-volume packaging operations.

Why Use Polypropylene Hot Melt Tape?

Hot melt tape is a versatile and robust adhesive solution commonly used for various packaging and sealing applications. Known for its strong adhesive properties, hot melt tape is ideal for securing boxes, cartons, and packages, ensuring they remain sealed during transit and storage. This makes it a popular choice in industries such as logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing, where reliable packaging is crucial for maintaining the integrity of shipped goods.

Polypropylene hot melt tape, a specific type of hot melt tape, is particularly valued for its durability and resistance to environmental factors. This tape adheres well to a variety of surfaces, providing a reliable seal that can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. Its resilience makes it suitable for both short-term and long-term storage, protecting contents from the adverse effects of fluctuating environmental conditions.

Available in different sizes, including 48mm x 66m, 72mm x 66m, 48mm x 132m, and 72mm x 132m, polypropylene hot melt tape caters to diverse packaging needs. These size options allow businesses to choose the most appropriate tape for their specific requirements, whether they need to seal small packages or large, heavy-duty cartons. This versatility ensures that all packaging scenarios are adequately covered, enhancing operational efficiency.

The application of hot melt tape is straightforward and efficient. It is often used in automated packaging lines, where its quick bonding properties significantly enhance productivity. The fast setting time of hot melt tape reduces the time needed for each package, enabling higher throughput in busy packaging environments. Additionally, hot melt tape is favoured for its clean application, leaving minimal residue and ensuring a neat finish that enhances the overall appearance of the package.

Whether sealing light or heavy packages, polypropylene hot melt tape offers a dependable solution that enhances the security and integrity of shipments. The strong adhesive ensures that the tape remains intact during the rigours of transit, preventing accidental openings and potential damage to the contents. This reliable sealing capability provides peace of mind to businesses, knowing their products will arrive safely and in excellent condition.

It’s not only about securing packages but also about optimising costs. Its strong adhesive properties mean less tape is needed to achieve a secure seal, reducing overall tape consumption. This efficiency translates into cost savings, especially for businesses that handle high volumes of shipments. Furthermore, the durability of hot melt tape minimises the risk of tape failures, reducing the need for re-taping and associated labour costs.

Hot melt is indispensable across various industries. In logistics and warehousing, it ensures packages remain sealed during handling and storage. In e-commerce, it provides a professional finish to shipped goods, enhancing customer satisfaction. Manufacturing sectors rely on its strong adhesive properties to secure heavy and bulky items. The tape’s versatility and reliability make it a crucial component in the supply chain, facilitating smooth and secure operations.

Businesses can ensure their products arrive safely and in excellent condition, reflecting their commitment to quality and reliability. This versatile adhesive solution not only meets but often exceeds packaging requirements, making it a trusted choice for securing shipments across multiple industries.

The lead time to complete your order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placement.

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hot melt tape polypropylene
Branded Hot Melt Tape – Polypropylene