Branded Freezer Tape – Polypropylene

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Ensure your packaging stays secure even in the coldest conditions with branded freezer tape from Hub Packaging.

Designed for optimal performance in low temperatures, this customisable tape provides strong adhesion for all your frozen goods.

Enhance your brand visibility and reliability. Request a quote today for our premium branded freezer tape.

The lead time to complete your order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placement.

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*Please note* – Flood coating involves changing the base colour of a tape before applying your design on top. See below for further information. This process allows your tape to be more unique, distinctive, and eye-catching.

What is Freezer Tape?

Discover the best freezer tape for your storage needs. Specially designed to withstand low temperatures, ensuring your labels stay put. 

Clear freezer tape blends seamlessly with packaging, while freezer adhesive tape provides a durable seal. Choose the best freezer tape to keep your frozen goods organized and secure.

Hand Applied or Machine Applied

This tape is versatile and can be applied either by hand or using a machine.

Benefits of Freezer Tape

Freezer tape is an essential tool for both home and commercial kitchens, offering numerous advantages for preserving and organizing frozen goods. Here are the key benefits of using freezer tape:

Temperature Resistance

It’s designed to withstand extremely low temperatures without losing its adhesive properties. This ensures that labels and seals remain intact even in the harsh environment of a freezer, providing reliable performance for long-term storage.

Strong Adhesion

The tape adheres securely to various surfaces, including plastic, glass, and aluminium, commonly used for freezer containers and bags. This strong adhesion ensures that labels and seals stay in place, preventing them from peeling off due to moisture or temperature fluctuations.

Moisture Resistance

Meaning it can effectively handle the condensation that often forms in freezers. This resistance prevents the tape from becoming soggy or losing its adhesive strength, ensuring that it remains effective throughout the storage period.

Easy to Write On

Most freezer tapes are designed with a surface that is easy to write on, allowing users to label their frozen items with clear, legible information. This helps in identifying contents and dates, making it easier to manage and rotate stock, whether in a home freezer or a commercial setting.


Can be used for various applications beyond just sealing bags and containers. It’s ideal for labeling frozen meals, leftovers, and bulk foods, making it easier to organize and keep track of what’s stored in the freezer. Additionally, it can be used to create airtight seals that help prevent freezer burn, preserving the quality of the food.


Durable and designed to last, even in the challenging conditions of a freezer. It can withstand being moved around and handled, maintaining its integrity and readability over time. This durability ensures that the tape does not crack or become brittle, even after extended periods in the freezer.


Investing in a cost-effective in the long run. By clearly labelling and securely sealing items, it helps reduce food waste and ensures better organization, leading to more efficient use of freezer space and resources.

In summary, this tape offers numerous benefits that make it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to preserve and organize frozen goods effectively. Its temperature and moisture resistance, strong adhesion, durability, and ease of use make it a practical choice for both home and commercial freezers.

The lead time to complete your order is approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time of placement.

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Freezer Tape
Branded Freezer Tape – Polypropylene