Ten Affordable Tips for a more Sustainable Business

Sustainable green business initiatives are buzz-worthy for many a good reason – a greener workplace reduces its impact on the planet while becoming a more productive and healthier place to work. Going green might seem daunting, but contrary to what many cash-strapped small-business owners think, sustainability management doesn’t have to cost a fortune – in …

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The Facts on “Biodegradable”

Biodegradable is a generalised term for the physical and chemical decomposition of materials under certain environmental conditions and in the presence of specific catalysts. In the broadest sense, all plastics could be described as biodegradable as they will eventually disintegrate, but this can be misleading when comparing their environmental impact. To evaluate a plastic’s environmental …

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Reduce your Cost per Carton with Water Activated Tape (WAT)

How much is it costing you to seal your corrugated cartons? Did you know that you could save money, speed up the process, improve your packaging security and green credentials just by changing to water activated tape? We’re not talking about new technology here – gummed paper tapes have been around since Thomas Edison was …

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Simple Ways to “Green” Your Warehouse

There are several benefits to “going green” in your warehouse: from reducing utility bills and increasing sustainability to reducing your carbon footprint and providing your employees with an eco-friendly business they are proud to be a part of. For many business owners, though, thinking about going green is more than a little overwhelming. Knowing where …

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The Facts on Stretch Films & Manual Stretch Wrapping

Stretch wrapping is one of the most efficient ways of securing bundled or palletised loads while also protecting them against dust and high humidity. High-elasticity plastic film with a self-cling coating is dispensed from a roll either manually or by an automated wrapper, and is stretched along its length as it is applied. The film …

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