Designed for Greater Sustainability – an overview of our Warehouse & Distribution Centre

Our new Warehouse & Distribution Centre was designed from concept to enhance its environment and deliver greater sustainability for Hub Packaging, our customers and our neighbours. This is a brief overview of how we did it.

We addressed a number of key areas with the following results:

We worked in conjunction with our partners to develop a lighting scheme that would allow us to reduce our environmental impact whilst reducing costs.
Our scheme uses energy-efficient bulbs in high-bounce reflectors fitted with PIR sensors that shut each light unit off when not required.


Our Location System, developed in-house, has been designed to reduce time and distance travelled for staff and Forklift Trucks, reducing energy use.


We specified the following equipment: 3 x Electric trucks, 1 x Gas truck, 6 x Manual Pallet lifters. This makes our warehouse quiet and less polluting than other operations.


Our Centre has been designed so that the goods coming into the warehouse can be unloaded, checked, organised, stored and moved onto trailers for onward dispatch—all while completely under cover. The benefits of this are: Lower noise pollution; clean, dry, undamaged goods: faster processing of orders.



We have significantly reduced the noise pollution on site through the use electric forklift trucks, hours of operation and scheduling of traffic to the site.

The previous occupant of the site generated a large quantity of both airborne and ground contamination. This was negatively affecting the surrounding neighbours to the site. The site is now clean, clear and resurfaced in concrete and tarmac.

Hours of Operation
When we took over the site we implemented hours of operation running Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. This has further improved the experience of having Hub Packaging as a neighbour.


Are you considering developing or redeveloping your warehouse facilities in the near future? Hub Packaging have the experience, skills and project management capability to help you navigate projects of this nature – call Andrew Ward, Managing Director of Hub Packaging (Mob: 07342 031 301) to discuss how we could help.

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