The Facts on Pallet Protection

Palletised loads don’t have it easy – they get dusty, damp, knocked against, stacked and joggled around yet are still expected to look good on arrival. Thankfully there are several products available that will reduce the likelihood of damage.

Polythene pallet shrink covers are a good deterrent to dust and moisture and are manufactured to fit standard pallet sizes. They are simply placed over the pallet load and shrunk to fit with a gas shrink gun such as the Ripack® R2200, resulting in totally sealed protection on the top and all four sides of the load.

Polythene top covers can be used with stretch wrapping to create a dust and moisture-resistant layer over the top of a pallet.


Non-Stack Cones

Non-Stack Cones are a pre-cut, pre-printed flat packed product that quickly converts to a rigid three-sided pyramid. The highly-visible graphics alert handlers that the pallet must not have other items stacked on top of it and it is secured to the pallet either with adhesive tape or by feeding pallet strap through the slots in the base of each side of the cone.

Edge Boards

Edge Boards are an effective means of protecting the vertical and horizontal edges of pallets from low to medium impact damage.

Interleaving Carton Layers

Interleaving layers of cardboard boxes on a pallet can substantially increase load stability, using the weight of the cartons above to prevent lower levels from sliding out of place.

Layer Sheets & Anti-Slip Sheets

Anti-slip sheets are similar to protective layer sheets but are coated on both sides with a biodegradable, water-repellent non-slip substance. This increases the friction between the carton layers without leaving a residue when removed, and helps prevent the capillary transfer of water through a pallet load should part of it get wet.


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