No Need to Lose Your Cool With Ripack®

Things can get fairly hot when you’re shrink wrapping large stuff such as palletised or oversized loads, boats for over-wintering or UV protection and so on. A shrink gun will get particularly hot around the nozzle, especially if it’s an industrial grade propane burner, and there’s a very high risk of burn injury to skin or damage to surfaces that get too close.

That risk is greatly reduced with a Ripack gas shrink gun, as these feature patented Cold Nozzle® technology unique to Ripack. The stainless steel nozzle is designed with an outer skin that remains cool enough to touch even after extended use, and the heat emerging from the front end – that will still be very hot, so don’t try touching it – is evenly dispersed across a wide area. The nozzle can also be rotated to adjust the angle of the flame curtain.

Top of the range R3000 features adjustable heating power of 45 – 76kW and can wrap a metre-high Euro pallet in less than a minute. The lighter R2200 still delivers up to 72kW and can shrink a similar pallet in less than a minute and a half.

Additional safety features on both models are a double safety regulator and piezo ignition for instant starting and stopping.


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