How servicing can help your packaging process


At Hub Packaging we are relentless committed to customer care; the efficiency and effectiveness of your packaging process is of the utmost importance to us. Servicing is a great way to aid, advance, and ensure your process is operating smoothly. We provide support and contact when you need it most! Our Commitment to You We …

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Boost in Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology

Sustainability is the central factor to building a better future, therefore, sustainable packaging is high on the agenda for every manufacturing and distribution business. It is only logical that the industry is turning towards technology to meet fresh and everchanging demands. At Hub Packaging, working towards a sustainable future is of the utmost importance to …

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Eco alternatives to bubble wrap: Our favourites

Bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap is a packaging staple; a classic product which serves a multitude of protective purposes. Whilst Bubble Wrap is fully recyclable when disposed correctly, Bubble Wrap is still made of plastic – subsequently, meaning a large portion of it eventually resides in landfill. So, if your business is seeking to make more eco-conscious packaging …

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