How to create Instagram-ready packaging

In the Age of Instagram, well-designed, beautiful packaging is being shared across social media almost as much as the product and purchase itself. Many social media influencers are using distinct luxury packaging as props for their carefully curated Instagram photos – presenting brands with a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. Brands need to be …

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Reduce Costs and Stress while Increasing Output!

It’s time to take it easier! Our competitively-priced and super-reliable Semi- and Fully-Automatic machines are a great way of increasing your output, lowering Health & Safety risk and saving money at the same time! We have helped customers with Strapping Machines Pallet & Parcel Strappers Pallet Stretch Wrappers Air Pillow and Void Fill Systems Shrink …

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Make your own Custom Bags!

Make your own Custom Bags with Lay Flat Tubing and a Heat Sealer!   WHAT IS LAYFLAT TUBING? Polythene Layflat tubing (usually referred to as just “Layflat” or “LFT”) is a continuous, seamless tube of polythene. Layflat tubing enables you to quickly create custom length bags or protective sleeves in the perfect size to protect …

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The Facts on Polythene Bags

The Facts On… Polythene Bags Polythene bags need no introduction; they seem to be everywhere. While they are frequently demonised for polluting our oceans and landscapes, they still play an important part in the packaging industry, so let’s hear it for polythene bags before they’re consigned to the recycling bin of history. Before we go …

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How to find the “Sweet Spot” for your e-commerce packaging

E-commerce presents more complexities in life cycle and an increased number of touchpoints compared with bricks and mortar. But with the right tools, knowledge, expertise, and innovation methods, your packaging ‘Sweet Spot’ can be found. Corrugated cardboard and the first box designs were created over 100 years ago for the bricks and mortar supply cycle, …

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