The Facts on Security Packaging

Ensuring your goods arrive with your intended recipents exactly as you intended can present a challenge. Fortunately Hub Packaging have you covered! Let’s begin with a couple of defintions: Pilferage Stealthy removal of contents from a consignment, generally in small amounts. Tamperage To deliberately damage, modify or contaminate a product. Tamperage of pharmaceutical and food …

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The Facts on Stretch Films & Manual Stretch Wrapping

Stretch wrapping is one of the most efficient ways of securing bundled or palletised loads while also protecting them against dust and high humidity. High-elasticity plastic film with a self-cling coating is dispensed from a roll either manually or by an automated wrapper, and is stretched along its length as it is applied. The film …

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Be the Boss of the Q4 Rush!

6 Ways to Prepare your Packaging Operation for Q4 The accelerating growth of online retailing has enormous implications for distribution and fulfilment specialists. Smart planning before the peak will help to ensure that your packaging operation delivers maximum throughput with minimum labour. Businesses are preparing for what is going to be another ground-breaking growth year …

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Delight to the Dump – the Circularity of the Cardboard Box

Angelika Christ, Fefco’s Secretary General, explores the circular economy potential of the humble cardboard box and gives advice on how to optimally dispose of it. By now, almost everyone is familiar with this scene: The mailman arrives with a package. It contains something you ordered online, something you’ve been waiting for. In the moment you …

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The Influence of E-commerce on the Packaging Industry

As more and more consumers embrace online shopping, packaging continues to play a pivotal role in both the brand and the consumer’s ecommerce experience. With online purchasing causing a need for companies to adapt to change, we look at innovation in the packaging industry as a result of the rise of ecommerce.   Speed and …

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The Challenges & Opportunities of E-Commerce

The challenges and opportunities of e-commerce – How can e-commerce consumer trends boost the adoption of smart and intelligent packaging? How can we make sustainability the core of packaging design? What are the implications for packaging in an omnichannel world? E-Pack Europe 2019, which took place on 25-27 March in Berlin, engaged with these questions …

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